Meet our latest Colour Palette design. We’re in Ireland’s Big Smoke – the fantastic city of Dublin!
The Republic of Ireland’s capital is a city where colour is woven into its very name. Dublin takes its name from the Gaelic ‘dubh linn’ meaning ‘black pool’ – the black pool in question being the meeting point of the River Liffey and its tributary the Poddle.
Our latest Colour Palette design features all the things that make this city so great, including one of the world’s most famous drinks.
Dublin is many things – magical, historic, bustling, colourful and vibrant – a city to explore its amazing past dating back to the Vikings and to celebrate its present as a cosmopolitan buzzing destination that encompasses Ireland’s unique charm and joie de vivre.
The Dublin Colour Palette also features a subtle nod to the flag of Ireland with St Stephen’s Green, Coddle White and Kells Gold forming the three distinctive colours.
Celebrate this wonderful city and all its colour with a Colour Palette art print, tote or mug.
The Dublin Colour Palette

The Dublin Colour Palette explained:

Black Stuff Black: Guinness is almost certainly Dublin’s most famous export and the popular stout’s origins date back to Arthur Guinness, who founded the St James’s Gate Brewery in 1759. The rest is history and with its distinct black and white colour it remains Ireland’s best known beer the world over.
Liffey Water: The River Liffey flows through the centre of Dublin before it reaches Dublin Bay and the many bridges which cross it include O’Connell bridge which is wider than it is long.
St Stephen’s Green: A charming green oasis in the heart of the city – St Stephen’s Green is where both locals and tourists can be seeing escaping the busy streets for the tranquility of nature.
Coddle White: Dublin's famous dish Coddle is a hearty ‘leftover’ one-pot comfort meal. There are arguments over the colour but hey, we all know it’s white – right
Kells Gold: The Book of Kells, one of Ireland’s greatest historical artefacts, is a priceless illuminated manuscript of the Gospels and can be seen in all its glory at Trinity College. Gold features  prominently in its illustrations and artwork.
Henrietta Brick: Dublin’s classic and wonderfully preserved Georgian architecture defines the bricks and mortar character of this amazing city and where better to see that distinctive Georgian red brickwork than in Henrietta Street.