The Bath Colour Palette Tote Bag

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Looking for a Bath Tote Bag? Why not get one featuring the city's own palette!

The Bath
 Colour Palette 100% organic brushed cotton canvas tote bag is sturdy bag made from premium heavyweight fabric that’s a must-have gift and perfect for shopping or going into town.

Bath Tote Bag:

  • Westford Mill Earthaware® organic canvas
  • Premium heavyweight fabric
  • Can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. Handle length: 63 cm
  • Dimensions: 38 x 41 cm
  • Unique Bath design

The Colour Palette Company shows off the areas we call home through a now-familiar gradient of colour swatches, each with a warming reference to the people and places that make our towns, cities and counties so cool.

We are working with designers and writers across the UK to research locations and to ensure a selection of unique or quirky, world-famous or hidden gem on each palette.

The Bath Colour Palette:

Minerva Bronze: For the gilt bronze head of the goddess Sulis Minerva – one of the best known objects from Roman Britain

Crescent Stone: For the world-famous architecture forming a sweeping crescent of 30 Grade I Listed terrace houses

Holburne Silver: For the collections of silver within the Holburne Museum that reflect Sir William Holburne’s eclectic taste

Herschel Blue: For the blue of the planet Uranus, which was discovered from a house in Bath in 1781 by William Herschel, Court Astronomer to King George III

Roman Aqua: For 2,000 years of Bath history and wellbeing – Roman style

Shelley Shadow: For Gothic horror writer Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein while a resident in Bath in 1817