The Brighton & Hove Colour Palette Tote Bag

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The Brighton tote bag is beaming with harmonious colours that depict Brighton's style and quirky nature. We wanted to show people's pride (hello Brighton pun) in their town and some of the reasons why so many visitors flock here; such as the beaches.

No visit to Brighton would be complete without a walk on Palace pier and sampling some rocks on sticks for the kids or the big kid still in some of us adults. Combined, these colours are fun and friendly, relating to the sort of memories people will have here.

Brighton Tote Bag:

  • Pure organic cotton material 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Robust design
  • Straps 63cm long
  • Able to hold 10 litres
  • 407 grams per square meter


Here at the Colour Pallete Company, we aim to shine a light on the places we love in the UK, in this case, the Brighton canvas bag. We hope this carefully selected colour swatch will remind you of the beautiful parts of Brighton. These tote bags make for great gifts for those with an artistic sense and those who want a one-of-a-kind piece of style. 


The Brighton & Hove Colour Palette Features:

  • Palace Pier White - dedicated to the biggest attraction in the South East
  • Naturist Blush - honours all those brave enough to bare all on the beach
  • Pavilion Stone - reflects Brighton’s royal seaside pleasure palace
  • Pride Pink - celebrates the UK’s most popular LGBTQ+ festival
  • Albion Blue - represents the city’s football club
  • Rock Red - pays tribute to everyone’s favourite seaside souvenir