The Black Country Colour Palette Art Print

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The colours we chose for our Black Country prints point to the heart of industrial heritage and pride, plus orange chips!

Black Country Art Print:

  • Gloss effect
  • Resilient to fade
  • Colour prints with equal tonality
  • Highly accurate colour achieved
  • 0.26mm thick
  • Sizes include A2 + A3

The Colour Palette Company tries to encapsulate the special feelings we have for all our favourite places around the UK through artwork. Memories and stories are brought together through carefully selected colour swatches. A perfect gift for those who have links to the Black Country and who want to bring a piece of it back home with them. 

The Black Country Colour Palette:

Furnace Red – for the area’s industrial heritage and flag colour

  • Chippy Orange – for the famous orange chips!
  • Bottle & Glass White – for the Black Country Living Museum pub
  • Wren’s Nest Lime – for one of the most important geological sites in Britain
  • Anchor Steel – for the skills that went into a Titanic marvel
  • Colliery Black – for a proud mining tradition

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