The Art Masters Colour Palette cotton canvas tote bag

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When it comes to celebrating great art and artists, we had a blank canvas (see what we did there?) and could have chosen hundreds of wonderful masterpieces to add to our Colour Palette gradient. But, selective we must be, and our final six swatches are a connected and earthy tone that remind art lovers of their favourite (ok, my favourite) pieces… from Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring to Monet’s Water Lily masterpieces, there’s something for everyone.

Material: 100% organic brushed cotton canvas in premium 407gsm fabric

The Art Masters Colour Palette:

  • Earring Pearl is dedicated to Johannes Vermeer’s iconic oil painting
  • Sunflower Yellow celebrates the greatest of them all – Vincent Van Gogh
  • Gustav Gold reflects Gustav Klimt’s beautiful gold leaf masterpieces
  • Temeraire Sun represents J.M.W. Turner and the nation’s favourite painting in a BBC survey
  • Barbara‘s Bronze is in honour of the unique sculptures of Barbara Hepworth
  • Water Lily Leaf pays tribute to French Impressionist painter Claude Monet