The Brighton & Hove Colour Palette Mug

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Brighton is an exciting part of the UK with a heart of its own, which we hope has been captured fully in the Brighton mug. The dazzling display of fabulous colours shows the spirit of this still vibrant city, which continues to show why it’s a beautifully uncommon place in the UK. 

Along that sentiment, the pop of the pink on the Brighton mug will make sure you have a constant reminder of the character of the city. If the pier or the beach is your thing, we’ve also got the colours for you! So enjoy your favourite cuppa in the spirit of the happiest voted city in the UK.

Brighton & Hove Mug:

  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Microwave friendly
  • Height of 9.7cm 
  • Ceramic mug
  • Glossy white colour
  • Only vegan ink used
  • 11oz / 325ml  volume


At the Colour Palette Company, we pride (hello Bristol pun) ourselves on bringing the idea of home to our customers. We hope people get a real sense of the area through our carefully selected colour swatches. We give people that “ah-ha” moment when they recognise a place’s colours, familiar with their own experience of living there. The more we scour the country in search of the country’s most unique and quirky places, we’re reminded of how many wonderful places there are in the UK, and we look forward to bringing these concepts to you.


FREE Clipper Coffee Stick with the purchase of every mug! We think the Brighton mug is a great gift, but a mug filled with delicious organic coffee is even better. So surprise a loved one by delivering a cup of coffee in their new favourite mug right to their door.


The Brighton & Hove Mug Colour Palette:

  • Palace Pier White - is dedicated to the biggest attraction in the South East
  • Naturist Blush - is honours all those brave enough to bare all on the beach
  • Pavilion Stone -  reflects Brighton’s royal seaside pleasure palace
  • Pride Pink - celebrates the UK’s most popular LGBTQ+ festival
  • Albion Blue - represents the city’s football club
  • Rock Red - pays tribute to everyone’s favourite seaside souvenir